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Translating the essence of the human condition as he witnessed and experienced it first hand into a lifelong devotion to writing and painting from his studio in Amsterdam.

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Filming more than 400 television reports and documentaries in over 50 countries, Alexander was able to see for himself what most of us will only know about through media.

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"Alexanders' art grabs you by the throat and leaves you gasping for air"

Stories Behind the Art

"The work that I have is very gentle, soft, feminine but yet powerful."
Nanda Hagenaars | Photographer


"He immediately struck us as a good and gentle soul. He has this intriguing underlying blend of restless traveler and artistic madness about him. Kind of like Ernest Hemingway meets Hunter S. Thompson."
Stian Vågen Nilsen & Tori Ørvik
Musicians Norway

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'Definitely one of the most exciting exhibitions we had so far!'
Katelijne | 'Thuis aan de Amstel' Amsterdam

Solo: 'Strangers I Know' - AMSTERDAM

Solo: 'Strangers I Know' - AMSTERDAM

‘All of a sudden we woke up and saw our society had turned into a monster made solely out of money. A society led by ruthless pragmatism, algorithm-fascism and Excel-sheet... Read More

Finalist Art Contest | Krabbé Zoekt Picasso - AMSTERDAM

'My painting ‘Le Voyage’ has been selected out of more than 3000 participating works as one of the 25 finalists in a national contest linked to a television series showing... Read More
Finalist Art Contest | Krabbé Zoekt Picasso - AMSTERDAM

Bundled Stories

'De Engel en de Dromedaris' | Gratis Mini Novelle


'Propaganda' | Bundled Stories & Paintings | E-Book

Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

My paintings portray the emotions of a generation that seems to have trouble finding a tangible form of hope. A generation that is losing grip on its future despite its... Read More

'Finding the Switch'

Dialogue Interieur 'What's up?' -'I cannot stand the darkness any longer.' 'Why don't you switch on the light?' -'I tried. I cannot find the switch.' 'I have been looking for... Read More
'Finding the Switch'


As a cameraman is Alexander specialized in human interest, music documentaries and conflict, disaster areas. View more of his camerawork here.

NEW: Limited NFT ART Editions | High End Fine Art Print Runs


NFT ART - Art on the Blockchain

It's time to admit that Blockchain protocols will increasingly show their use cases in the years to come. One of the essential specifics for me as an artist is the ability to sell my work as an NFT artwork. The way it works is that I will mint a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain uniquely linked to a limited amount of digital copies of my artwork. Once bought, the NFT Artwork owner can safeguard his work of art in his Crypto-Wallet or sell it again once the limited edition runs out and the artist becomes more famous, grating the artist an original 10% fee on the resell dividend. It is a great way to invest in art and to support your favorite artist.

If's OK if NFT Art might still sound a bit like Science Fiction to you now, but I am sure Blockchain will become a part of all of our daily lives shortly.


High End Fine Art Print Runs - Only the originals are better

Taken from professional, high resolution photographs and manufactured on beautifully textured, sturdy and A-grade archival paper. Ink that will keep its original colour and unique quality for at least 150 years. The numbered and signed fine art prints are the closest you will get to the original artwork. The editions are limited to secure their unique character and authenticity.

It is the best way to provide yourself with the quality and intensity of an original work at a fraction of its price.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

If you happen to encounter any challenges framing your fine art reproduction please do send us a mail.



Do you already own a limited edition print by Alexander Koning that is now also an NFT? The NFT Edition will only replace unsold editions of the serie you own. Meaning that the scarcity of your work will remain intact. (If your edition says 15 their will still only be 15 artworks on the market, but part print and part NFT)