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'If you want to work on your art, work on your life' | Anton Tsjechov

'About Painting'

'About Painting'

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Reminision #1 

There is always this part of painting when a painting wants to become too evident. A moment it loses self-control and is no longer able to keep up its enigma anymore. The part you and the painting become overconfident, even a bit arrogant, and ends up showing off its pretentions.
The part we overdo it.
I always feel the moment coming, but only rarely the discipline to stop at the right time. Therefore I think a lot of great paintings were made before they were even finished, and only temporarily seen by its creator. I explore this thin line, over and over again by creating, erasing, re-creating and re-destroying. This way, I feel the paintings gain their history. Every layer of paint, every scratch or budge makes the character of the painting grow. Even if they carry a whole different painting underneath them, a picture once destroyed, for example, can, in some way, still be felt through the layers.
My grandfather always thought me never to let anyone into your studio until a painting is finished. With the internet and Instagram sharing work prematurely has become very tempting and I find myself sharing pictures of unfinished work often much powerful then the finished artwork...
A point I need to consider...




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