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'If you want to work on your art, work on your life' | Anton Tsjechov

'Chords of Silence | Meditation'

'Chords of Silence | Meditation'

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'I prefer the meaning of life to be a question rather than an answer.'

The older man folded his hands in his lap before closing his eyes.

'I noticed I would rather offer the world the depths of my silence than confusion over my words.'

A powerful breath left his nostrils. His chest rose big as he inhaled.

'I will embrace my sadness, fears, and hurts, trying not to make them false friends I can blame when being restless.'

'I will try to glorify the peace I find over the battle I fought to get there.'

'I will thank those who triggered my anger for making me grow, and I will gently caress my scars for showing me on my way.'

'I will ask my fears to show themselves and inquire about what made them stray from trusting what is impossible for us to know.'

'I will find my freedom in letting go of my control.'


Chords of Silence | Meditation

Chords of Silence | Meditation


Original Artwork AVAILABLE € 375,- | 30x42 cm contact gallery Material Indian ink, Charcoal, Graphite, Conté & Coffee on handmade South-Indian Cotton Rag Shipping worldwide included Refund possible within 30 days Read the 'Story' behind the art. Read Collectors Testimonials' Created in 2021 Read More

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