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Fine Art Story | 'Beauty and Her Guilty Form of Innocence'

Fine Art Story | 'Beauty and Her Guilty Form of Innocence'

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As an artist, I like to scrape off the layers of hollow facades covering up our true beauty. Glossy smiles and arrogant, self-assured looks convey the sadness of our fear rather than the beauty of our doubts.

The recent governmental elite has shown to know nothing about art. After the economic crisis, it chose not to educate its people in ways to look and understand art.

Best-known artists today are ex Wallstreet brokers and marketeers propagating imagery of Donald Duck as the standard value of good taste. Art has lost its depths.

We can not drown in melancholy any longer only suffocate in shallow expressions for the masses.

We chose to listen to our minds, our worldly possessions, and our bank accounts. We chose to explain art, rather than to feel it. We chose to wear art as a fashionable asset, rather than a precious emotional jewel.

But we can not deny our soul.

We can not deny our passion.

It will take revenge.

And it does.




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