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'If you want to work on your art, work on your life' | Anton Tsjechov

'Finding the Switch'

'Finding the Switch'

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Dialogue Interieur

'What's up?'

-'I cannot stand the darkness any longer.'

'Why don't you switch on the light?'

-'I tried. I cannot find the switch.' 'I have been looking for it everywhere.'

'Do you happen to enjoy the darkness?' 
-'Of course not, I hate it here. I do not want to be here!'

'Do you?'
-'Shut up, please just tell me where the switch is.'

'You mean the switch to power on kindness towards others and yourself. The switch that turns on self-love and respect? The switch that will make your heart and thoughts feel lighter? The switch that will help you accept your fears and will make you trust that life is here for you, and not against you?'

-'Yes!' 'Tell me where it is, please. I have been feeling along every wall of my existence to find it.'

-'I paid my dues. I worked hard. I played hard.’

-‘I’ve been successful. I’ve been kind. I’ve been open. I’ve been patient. I’ve been loving. I’ve been hateful. I thought of others. I thought of me. I’ve been listening. I’ve been weak. I’ve been strong. I’ve been vain. I’ve been insecure. I’ve been sharing. I’ve been selfish. I’ve been jealous. I’ve been stubborn. I’ve been right. I’ve been wrong.'

-'Still, darkness surrounds me, and I am afraid I will never be able to see the light.'


'Why are you afraid of the light?'

-'I am not afraid of the light! What on earth are you talking about?'

'Are you afraid you will not be able to be vain, egocentric, ambitious and self-pitying any longer?' 'Are you afraid you will have to make efforts to please others and to share?' 'Are you afraid life won't be allowed to revolve around you? Are you afraid to lose anything?'


'Remember that the light can't erase your shadows as it is light that cast them.'

'The choice you have is to either keep hiding in your shadows or to learn to trust your light.'

'And also remember...'

'...there is no switch.'





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