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Fine Art | 'Andy and Bianca'

Fine Art | 'Andy and Bianca'

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'Staring, gazing, waiting, imagining, fearing and longing for the epiphany that will deliver us from this ever-growing amount of existential uncertainty.'

'Longing for the Epiphany' reflects on a world that is changing at the speed of light. The way we consume imagery, spirituality, safety, hope, and dreams. Nothing we see is the same as yesterday, and we can only dream about what it will look like tomorrow, leaving us gasping for solid grounds of direction and meaning to cherish and hold on to. In the meantime, we keep 'Staring, gazing, waiting, imagining, fearing and longing for the epiphany that will deliver us from this ever-growing amount of existential uncertainty.' Fine Art Story.

The series reflects on how we consume images since the internet has made imagery abundant. How do we relate to context and content? How can images remain relevant if they always compete with millions of others? How can we make sure art doesn't become invisible.

How can art survive if we scroll through it in endless streams of Google thumbnails not having the time to get acquainted with an image? 'Andy and Bianca' is a reproduction of a famous Polaroid photo showing Bianca Jagger taken by Andy Warhol. It is reframing the iconic picture, researching its strengths. Redefining what it is that makes the image powerful and stand out.

A tribute to the reproduction Warhol was famous for. The question remains: Did reproduction destroy authenticity?

Solo Exhibition Amsterdam | 'Thuis aan de Amstel'

"The work of Alexander Koning can be interpreted as a continuous travel report along inner paths and worldly problems. On the one hand, it is a translation of the impressions he gains during his profession as a cameraman in many global disaster areas and on the other hand a reflection on the repercussions existence has on his own consciousness. A search for genuine answers in which he does not hesitate to consider himself, and the society around him, critically."

It is safe to say the exhibition 'Strangers I Know' hosted by 'Thuis aan de Amstel' summer 2018 was a great success. After witnessing some frantic double biddings and long time aficionados rushing to collect their favourite work we closed the show with a remarkable number of 28 sold works.

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