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Fine Art Story | 'Le Voyage'

Fine Art Story | 'Le Voyage'

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The Story behind the Art

The Fine Art Story 'Le Voyage' (French for: The Journey) is about the look I saw in the eyes of refugees before they took a perilous boat trip from Libya or Turkey. A look that didn't change once they arrived in Italy or Greece and realized that the "Promised Land" might not be as welcoming and safe as they had hoped.

'Le Voyage' is part of the series 'Reconstruction of a Past Still to Come'.
Fine Art Story

History of the Painting

Fine Art Story

Finalist Art Contest | Krabbé Zoekt Picasso

‘Le Voyage’ has been selected out of more than 3000 participating works as one of the 25 finalists in a national contest linked to a television series showing the life of Picasso and was on displayed in the famous Amsterdam Vondelpark in March 2017.

Fine Art Story
Picture: In front of my painting 'Le Voyage' together with artist, director and television host Jeroen Krabbé. I was very honored to have been selected for this great finalists exposition and a chance to meet mister Jeroen Krabbé himself.
Fine Art Story

Exhibition Rokin Amsterdam

'Le Voyage' was part of the Group Exhibition at 'Adam & Siam at the Rokin Amsterdam;

Exhibition Hilton Brussel

After being exposed on the Rokin in Amsterdam and directly after that in the famous Vondel CS in the Vondelpark, ‘Le Voyage’ continues its journey for a six week exhibition in the Hilton Brussels City. April 8th – May 20th 2017

Fine Art Story

Solo Exhibition Amsterdam | 'Thuis aan de Amstel'

"The work of Alexander Koning can be interpreted as a continuous travel report along inner paths and worldly problems. On the one hand, it is a translation of the impressions he gains during his profession as a cameraman in many global disaster areas and on the other hand a reflection on the repercussions existence has on his own consciousness. A search for genuine answers in which he does not hesitate to consider himself, and the society around him, critically."

It is safe to say the exhibition 'Strangers I Know' hosted by 'Thuis aan de Amstel' summer 2018 was a great success. After witnessing some frantic double biddings and long time aficionados rushing to collect their favourite work we closed the show with a remarkable number of 28 sold works.

Fine Art Story

Fine Art Story

'Le Voyage'

'Le Voyage'


Print Edition AVAILABLE | 15+2AP Original Artwork SOLD | 100x120 cm Shipping worldwide included Refund possible within 30 days Read the 'Story' behind the art. Read Collectors Testimonials' Created in 2015 Read More

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