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Fine Art | 'Make Life Great Again'

Fine Art | 'Make Life Great Again'

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'Make Life Great Again' is also known as 'You Never Knew Until I Told You.'

The title of the painting refers to two things.

First: 2016 was the year Donald Trump came to power in the USA. His slogan 'Make America Great Again' helped him get the votes needed to become one of the most influential people on earth. A horrible plot twist in world politics as I felt that the Democratic regime under Obama was finally focussing on real problems like climate change, healthcare and equality. We were in for at least four years of mayhem, which turned out to be accurate as I write this in 2021.

The painting refers to a coloured girl longing for sunrays to heat her face in a free and safe environment.

The second story the painting refers to is my struggle with burn-out. 'You Never Knew Until I told You' refers to my employer never noticing I was slowly burning-out and acting all surprised when I finally called in sick—a convenient stance for him as it freed him from any responsibility for my mental illness. It showed me a sinister part of work relations; When you work hard with passion, no one complains and is happy to cash in on your labour. If you get sick from working fiercely, you shouldn't be surprised to be treated as a financial liability. 

In the depts of my depression, tormented by panic attacks I had to fight instead of getting the chance to heal. 

With the threat of losing my job, my faith in humanity and my mind, I wrote down the mantra: 'Make Life Great Again.'

Solo Exhibition Amsterdam | 'Thuis aan de Amstel'

"The work of Alexander Koning can be interpreted as a continuous travel report along inner paths and worldly problems. On the one hand, it is a translation of the impressions he gains during his profession as a cameraman in many global disaster areas and on the other hand a reflection on the repercussions existence has on his own consciousness. A search for genuine answers in which he does not hesitate to consider himself, and the society around him, critically."

It is safe to say the exhibition 'Strangers I Know' hosted by 'Thuis aan de Amstel' summer 2018 was a great success. After witnessing some frantic double biddings and long time aficionados rushing to collect their favourite work we closed the show with a remarkable number of 28 sold works.

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