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Solo: 'Strangers I Know' - AMSTERDAM

Solo: 'Strangers I Know' - AMSTERDAM

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‘All of a sudden we woke up and saw our society had turned into a monster made solely out of money. A society led by ruthless pragmatism, algorithm-fascism and Excel-sheet terrorism. Grinding its way through our hopes, needs and dreams, processing them into profits no one benefited from. It was a time when we filled our empty souls with empty promises. When we covered up aching hearts using duck-faced selfies as social media was our place to shine, not to whine…

It was the time technology had made us the wealthiest and yet the poorest we had ever been. Although access to art, knowledge and communication was virtually free, we only got dumber, shallower and lonelier at first. It was the time when something had to change as the disasters following the denial of our own humanity grew ever more eminent and we burned out by the dozens. It was the time to start a revolution. And luckily enough, it came.’

Excerpt from a conversation I had with my grandson, spring 2048, reminiscing about the challenges of our times back in the day.
Thuis aan de Amstel | Amsterdam 2018 

"The work of Alexander Koning can be interpreted as a continuous travel report along inner paths and worldly problems. On the one hand, it is a translation of the impressions he gains during his profession as a cameraman in many global disaster areas and on the other hand a reflection on the repercussions existence has on his own consciousness. A search for genuine answers in which he does not hesitate to consider himself, and the society around him, critically."

"It is safe to say the exhibition 'Strangers I Know' hosted by 'Thuis aan de Amstel'summer 2018 was a great success. After witnessing some frantic double biddings and long time aficionados rushing to collect their favourite work we closed the show with a remarkable number of 28 sold works."

28 works sold!

 'Thuis aan de Amstel'



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