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What are Limited Edition Fine Art Prints?

What are Limited Edition Fine Art Prints?

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I get this question a lot;

Printing and reproducing imagery of all kinds, and in all forms has become very common. Everyone owns a printer or copy/pastes images from his browser to his social media page. Images have become a product we carelessly consume. But what do these images do for us? If we think about it, how important is imagery and art? Of course, we can do without, but just imagine a world with no imagery, films, books or other stories. It's almost impossible.


Now, what has this to do with limited edition fine art prints?

Making good paintings is not easy. It demands great effort, inspiration, and preparation, making original artwork expensive. But with an edition of limited prints made from professional photographs and manufactured on high-quality archival paper with ink that will keep its original color for at least 150 years. The fine art print is numbered and signed and thus, the more popular the artist becomes, the more valuable the print you provide yourself the quality and joys of an original work of art at a fraction of the price. 



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