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'RECONSTRUCTIONS OF A PAST STILL TO COME'   Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia. We travelled a big part of the Mediterranean to film...
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'Twenty-Eight works SOLD and Counting'

'Twenty-Eight works SOLD and Counting'   It is safe to say the exhibition 'Strangers I Know' hosted by 'Thuis aan de Amstel' summer 2018 was a gre...
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‘Finding the Switch.’ (Dialogue Interieur #1)

'What's up?' -'I cannot stand the darkness any longer.' 'Why don't you switch on the light?' -'I tried. I cannot find the switch.' 'I have...
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Why buy limited edition prints?

Why buy limited edition fine art prints?  I get this question a lot.  Printing and reproducing imagery of all kinds, and in all forms has become ve...
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The soul of a painting - A Reflection

  THE SOUL OF A PAINTING 'When painting, I try to search without finding. Because what has already been said is far less interesting th...
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Exhibition Finalists 'Krabbé Zoekt Picasso' Art Contest @ Vondel CS Vondelpark Amsterdam

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