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'Alexanders' art grabs you by the throat and leaves you gasping for air'
Monica | Collector
'Definitely one of the most exciting exhibitions we had so far!'
Katelijne | General Manager Thuis aan de Amstel

'Absolutely splendid painting'
Jeroen Krabbé | Actro, Painter, Director and Television Host

Stian Vågen Nilsen & Tori Ørvik | Musicians Norway
'We first met Alex in Samoreau France many years ago. He immediately struck us as a good and gentle soul. He has this intriguing underlying blend of restless traveler and artistic madness about him. Kind of like Ernest Hemingway meets Hunter S. Thompson. This, together with his kindness makes him very deep and interesting, and we are very thankful that he is our friend.

'Salima La Bien Aimée' was the first piece of art we encountered that Alex made. We were struck by her straight away and started dreaming about being able to have her in our new house. She has a calmness and wisdom within, behind layers of struggle and hardship. There’s a deep inner beauty in her. We think of Salima as our house goddess. She is placed in the house in a way that ensures we always can see her, and that way she always looks after us and keeps us safe.

Nanda Hagenaars | Fotografe
How did you get to know about Alexander Koning’s art?

Me and Alexander met via a friend of the both of us. I was photographing in a place where I saw Alexander’s work and was directly attracted to it. It is about expression and energy and I felt that. Our friend connected us and we met for a coffee.

What is it that you find attractive in the work you own?
The work that I have is very gentle, soft, feminine but yet powerful. Her eyes closed, as if humble. The red emphasizes the feminine power. Also there is a sense of carelessness in it, which I find liberating. 

What does the work you own mean to you?
When I look at the piece, I feel a lot of love for this life and how you can meet people in many different ways. Also that you will find so many people that are actually mirrors, you will find a piece of yourself in them. It means a lot to me because it reminds me of how we met and how we had a good connection instantly.

Do you consider yourself to be an art collector?
Well, not the kind of art collector with a big home that possesses different artworks from different artists, but yes in a way I am, I feel inspired by a lot of work and that is not always mine. But I collect a lot of art in my mind ;)

What drove you to decide to purchase the art-piece?
It was a gift.

How would you say does art, in general, bring value to your life?
Same answer as above basically. 

What makes it special to own a limited-edition print or even an original piece of art? 
I will never ever put it away. It has a lot of worth to me because of the person who made it and it is one of the very little pieces of art that I actually do own, so for me this one is super special. 

Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Alexander is a very talented man whose life has encountered some crossroads but in a way it might have been the whole reason why. To be alive and cross those roads, and to create what’s coming from within. :)

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