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AlexanderKoningCoin (AKA)

Introducing the AlexanderKoningCoin (AKA), a crypto token native to my art.

Ever since I learned about blockchain technology, I was convinced it would change how art creators and art lovers would financially interact. Internet is a great invention but had a great downfall for artists: their images could be reproduced and shared without the artist being rewarded for her or his work.

Blockchain could change all this. With so-called 'smart contracts' minted on the blockchain and connected or digitalyengraved into artworks, an artist could get paid every time his work is displayed, sold, reproduced on the internet, used in blog posts, publications etc. Blockchain can make it easier to keep track of your work and create a much fairer way for artists and contentcreators to get rewarded for their creative endeavours.

This led me to mint my own NFT's (link) and to even come up with my native Cryptocurrency: AlexanderKoningCoin (AKA)

How does it work?

AlexanderKoningCoin (AKA) are an amount of 250.000 tokens that can be purchased trough Pancackeswap and are built on the Binance Blockchain (see project details here.) Every transaction can be seen here, making your investment transparent and safe.

A tiny amount of the tokens is initially available for purchase on Pancackeswap (link); the rest will be added to the market gradually as the price rises. (This prevents one person from buying all the tokens at once while they are still cheap).
But get in early, and you will have the chance to see your investment grow as I grow as an artist.

Every time I sell a painting, get an exhibition, win a prize or get a publication 20% of the revenues will be added to the liquidity of the tokens, meaning the single token price (and your profit) will increase along with my career.

The funds in the token space will also be used to finance projects and exhibitions, making you as an art investor part of my success.

This way, the artist and the art collector both win!

AlexanderKoningCoin (AKA) Let's make art together!